ExempT Security Consulting
Private Military Contractors
What Is ExT [pmc]?
ExT Security Consulting is the top security service provider in Emita and the surrounding cities. We offer private security services for Government officials, Local Law enforcement, local businesses, & asset protection. Our security company provides clients many options when selecting the service mix right for the property, personnel, and other assets they wish to protect. Also our security professionals have the expertise to develop solutions that effectively maximize service levels for each client needs. ExT Security Consulting is comprised of former military and Law enforcement officers. With the training to protect any client. We specialise in asset extracting and recovery.

Current Member List
Lieutenant Colone
Kazuhira Miller
First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant
Chief Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant
Staff Sergeant
Lance Corporal
Private First Class

Applications Coming soon!

Standard Rates
All rates can be adjusted to better suite the protection you require.
These are all minimum rates depending on how many operators are online and how many you request for protection. What type of protection, legal or illegal number of cops or rival organisations online
Please contact our main office with any questions, or to order our services.

Standard Guard Duty (Protecting a location) 50k/ hour or 25k/30min
Standard Escort Duty 50k/hour or 25k/30min
Gold / Oil runs delivery truck 500k/run
Prison Extraction / hostage extraction 100k
Drug Runs: 30% of total run*
Illegal Weapon Shipments: 25% of run*
Prisoner delivery *Bounty Hunting* 20% of bounty
Checkpoint Security: 50k/hour or 25k/30min
Gov Guard Duty 150k/hrs
Corrupt Guard Duty 200k/hrs
Safehouse clearing 100k
Safehouse Defending 100k
Gang Area Raid 100k
Gang Are Defence 200k
Gang Area elimination *Killing rival gangs at a gang area* 300k

*More to be added.*

*Depending on vehicle used, you may be required to make a certain amount of runs.